Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you have the right to have repairs, that are the landlord’s responsibility, undertaken quickly.  We at SH Properties will work with you to try and do this as soon as possible.

However, the tenant also has responsibilities.  These include:-

  • Generally taking proper care of the property as a good tenant
  • Making good any damage to the property caused by the behaviour or negligence of the tenant, members of his/her household or any other person lawfully visiting or living in the property
  • Keeping the interior of the property in reasonable decorative order
  • Not carrying out alterations to the property without the landlord’s permission

If you have a problem and you are not sure if it is a tenant or a landlord issue, contact us and we will happily go through it with you.

We have also tried to provide a library of useful guides and advice on undertaking repairs.  These can be found in our Guides & Information section.